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You are at the moment of the wedding where the couple have exchanged vows, taken their photos and now the celebration is set to begin. As the announcer calls the newlyweds to the dance floor for their first dance as man and wife the crowd eagerly looks on. Based on the elaborate wedding preparations expectations are high. The bride and groom look dazzling as they sweep onto the floor and the music begins. Then it happens, 3 boring minutes of watching the high school sway. All the excitement drains away and the energy of the crowd drops. It looks like dance lessons have been overlooked by this couple in the planning of their wedding.

Of all the important traditions involved in a wedding i.e. bridesmaids and groomsmen, toasts, flowers and cake cutting, a first dance should occupy the same level of thought and planning. It is as much about the whole look and feel of the event as the lighting and decorations.

About Dance Class

Taking dance classes together before the big day can be a great way to be together having fun, releasing stress, and learning to work closely together to achieve a common goal. Over and over again I hear how much the couple enjoyed the process of learning to dance their first dance together and how much their wedding guests appreciated their efforts.

I can’t wait to dance with you and assist you in uncovering your hidden dance talent as you perform the Wedding Dance you’ve always wanted to do. It may be a classy swirl around the floor or something packing a bit more punch but whatever the style you’d like to see we can help you get there.

Working With Us

Help with choosing a song or songs.

A personalized routine created just for you and your abilities.

Confidence that when you step out in front of everyone, you’ll look and feel great.

Practice video after each session.

Rehearsal skirt to wear at rehearsals for practice.

A patient, friendly and caring instructor working one-on-one with you in private.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

The following information will help us to customize the perfect routine for your venue, musical style, and dance ability:
Wedding date.
Day and time you would prefer lessons.
Type of music you have selected.
Style of dress you will be wearing.
Any other relevant details such as:
The size of your dance floor, the length of time you would like to be featured, the layout of the room or venue in relation to your entrance onto the dance floor, whether you will be using a DJ or a live band, any prior dance or athletic experience. Once all of that is discussed, we will start you on some basic steps to take home and practice for your next lesson.

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Click here to see one of our happy couples enjoying their wedding dance in full video action.