Anchorage Alaska Wedding First Dance Classes

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Kristen Vierthaler
(907) 360-7480


What can we expect at a lesson?
You can expect a private coaching session with just you and your instructor in a private setting.

How far in advance should we start lessons?
6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day is optimal, but depending how elaborate/complicated you want your dance to be you may want 12 weeks or longer. However, if that much time is not feasible for you, it is possible to put something together in as little as 3 days before the event.

Keep in mind that everyone learns and remembers new skills at a different rate and each person brings unique experiences to the dance floor, so sometimes one dancer can pick up the choreography much faster than the other. The beauty is in learning each other’s styles so we can find out how best to support each other. (Great practice for being married.)

What times and days are lessons available?
Lessons are available during the day, in the evenings and some weekends as well. We’ll try to find a time that works in your schedule. Lunch hours are great too.

What should we bring/wear to our lessons?
Make sure you wear clothes that you can move easily in. If the wedding is approaching soon, it is a good idea to bring your wedding shoes in to your lesson so that you can get used to dancing in them. Don’t forget to bring in your CD or MP3 player with the song, or songs, that you have chosen.

Why is practice important?
The old saying goes “You get out of it what you put into it.” The more you practice in between lessons the more comfortable and confident you will be. It is ideal to be so well rehearsed that you no longer have to continually think about the steps but can just enjoy the connection with your partner. We suggest that you use the practice video to review what was learned in the prior lesson and at minimum you work on your routine for once or twice between lessons.

Can you help us?
Yes. We are here for you! We want this experience to bring you great joy from start to finish. You will receive best of our experience to help you reach your desired goals in the amount of time that you have allotted. Being a beginner is no problem.